Is bottled water – a guarantee of quality?

Bottled water is really now is a good alternative to tap water. But! The market of bottled water has certain negative factors, a huge non-productive resource of the state – is irretrievable containers, and environmental pollution, increase in transportation costs and trade margins. All this, as always, not in favor of the consumer.

The consumer is entitled to require sanitary certificates for the water that is going to buy. He has a right to know what to pay. It is in the hands of an educated consumer is the market of drinking water now. Having enough information about what should be water, consumer generates manufacturers market of quality drinking water.

Plastic disposable tableware – is harmful. How to check the quality of the packaging.

Certain types of plastics in contact with water may release carcinogens. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – is a chlorine-based polymer. It spread all over the world, as it is extremely cheap. It is made of soda bottles and plastic utensils. This suggests that the packaging should have a quality certificate. Ask permit documentation from the supplier.

There are several ways to check the self-quality plastic material: harmful containers are nodules on the bottom. These come in the form of a line or spear-edged sword. However, the surest way – click on a bottle of fingernail. If the container is dangerous, then it forms a whitish scar. Bottle with safe polymer remains intact.

Does the presence of chlorine do water safe for life?

Actually, chlorine destroy a lot of dangerous microbes – from cholera embryo to HBV, but the chlorination of drinking water results in the formation of harmful chemicals. Chlorine reacts with water and connects to the organic pollutants that may be present in water and in water supply systems. This creates a lot of chlorinated carbohydrates, including dioxins, which belong to the category of especially dangerous poisons, carcinogenic and mutagenic. The conclusion is simple water tap of centralized water supply system to use is harmful and even dangerous. It must clean more, mineralize and strengthen in the physiological usefulness, making it safe.

Water from Artesian wells without treatment.

It is considered that the water from artesian wells and wells clean and usable without further processing In fact this statement may not be true as long as there is no organized chemical, bacteriological and radiological analysis of such water. The wells and wells can be dangerous to human health nitrates, nitrites, pesticides and radionuclides. Moreover, this water may be too stiff. Artesian and well water without having to enter into appropriate sanitary and epidemiological stations cannot be used as drinking.

Suitable whether mineral and medicinal-table water to quench their thirst and daily use?

Mineral water with a salt content of more than one gram per liter cannot be recommended for daily use. Before the use of water should carefully read the inscription on the label! Mineral-medicinal water should be used exclusively for medical purposes and received brief course on doctor’s orders. Excessive amounts of salt leads to premature aging of the body and can cause more harm than good.

How can I find out about water quality?

If you get water from the city water supply, your water flows regularly monitored and shall comply with accepted norms. Another thing is that until the water comes to your tap on the pipeline network, it may be subject to secondary contamination. If you have any doubts about the quality of your water, you can contact both to the sanitary and epidemiological stations in the community and in one of the independent certified laboratories or local certification laboratories State consume standard of Ukraine. Of course, the water obtained from the individual or collective well, the analysis is necessary.

Determination of the water quality in the home:

It is necessary to dial into a clean transparent bottle of a liter of water and do not give her closing stand five or six hours.

  1. If, after this at the bottom of a white precipitate appears very likely that in the water increased salt content.
  2. When the water began to turn yellow or grow brown, appeared fine flakes, then there is a high content of iron.

The cause of the unpleasant odor and taste to determine their own is difficult, and the result will not be subjective. Therefore, it is better to apply to the laboratory for a detailed chemical analysis. It is important that the water for analysis must be taken directly from the tap in your apartment or a suburban area, not somewhere in the general riser or water tower. After all you are interested in an analysis of your water is.

What happens when the boiling water from the tap.

Boiling does not solve the problem of water purification. Boiling water can disinfect only if it has microbial contamination, but it does not clear it from a number of other harmful chemicals and organochlorine substances, and sometimes enriches them because the concentration of less volatile substances is significantly increased. Prolonged boiling generally degrades the quality of the water: after some of the water evaporates, significantly increases quantity synthetic organics, heavy metals. Organic chlorine contained in the chlorinated water converts to toxins harmful to the body.

Security carbonated water.

Soda is not safe for children and adults. In fact, soda is canned drinking water, which is due to carbon dioxide or other preservatives, has a worse structure and bio-energy compared with high-quality water. It cannot be considered as drinking water. Children under 3 years old, it is not recommended to give sweet drinks. Mineral water is absorbed by the child’s growing body is not as natural water, which leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the body, in particular to obesity in the appearance of allergic reactions to dental caries and so on. According to the studies of foreign authors, carbonated drinks can cause cancer. In the United States in connection with the epidemic of obesity among young people in schools is prohibited to use carbonated water.

How to drink water properly.

The need for water depends on the nature of power, labor activity, health, age, the climate in which you live. It is 2.5 – 3l per day for an adult. Water consumption must be increased by 10% with an increase in body temperature over 37 °C. (V.G.Liflyandsky, MD, «Water for Health and Longevity»).

Water should always drink when you feel thirsty, even during meals. The water drunk during meals, has a strong influence on the process of digestion, but if during a meal the body is dehydrated, it greatly complicates the assimilation of food.

  • It is known that a glass of water drunk in the morning can bring great benefits to the body. It helps you wake up as quickly and consistently gets all body systems, beginning with the nervous system. It is necessary to consume 1-2 cups of water in the morning to compensate for the loss of up to 8 hours of sleep. In addition, the water should be cool, so the natural way water removes toxins, increases intestinal peristalsis, and warm water dilutes toxins and absorbed with them, causing poisoning. Therefore, it is a blunder drunk early in the morning a glass of hot tea.
  • For half an hour before each meal drink 1-2 glasses of water (people, who are overweight, depression, should drink at least 2 cups).

After 2.5 hours, after ingestion of 250-350 grams drink more water (depending on the amount eaten). This will help to stimulate the satiety hormones and complete the process of digestion in the intestinal tract. In addition, you will protect yourself from the appearance of false sense of hunger.

To prevent dehydration, the water should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

Do not forget to drink water before exercise, which cause perspiration, as well as after exercise.

Trust your feelings.

Drink about 2 liters of water is the norm, but if you have not yet developed a habit to drink water, your body knows how much water it needs. It all depends on to which working mode kidneys, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal tract, through which the water exits from the body.

Lose weight with helping water.

Nutritionists have developed a method of losing weight with the help of water. However, you need to drink aqua correctly.

  1. Prepare a large glass of water to every corner of your stay during the day: the bed, the kitchen, the lounge, in the workplace.
  2. When you want to “bad” food, immediately drink a glass of water. You feel full and avoid extra calories, and after a while, the feeling of hunger disappear.
  3. Drink two glasses after awakening and then one glass of water every hour during your workday. Therefore, your water rate will been drunk.
  4. Replace coffee or tea mug of hot water with a drop of honey.
  5. Nutritionists suggest drinking using straw – you will do great pharynx, drinking more.
  6. Freeze small pieces of peeled lemons, limes and oranges and use them instead of ice – very refreshing, and you get extra vitamins.
  7. After each trip to the restroom, drink a glass of water for filling the new body.
  8. Do not allow yourself to drink Diet soda, while not drink two to four glasses of plain water.
  9. Drink two full glasses of water with each meal, one before and one after. Also, drink a glass of water before each snack, and then a lot of you do not eat.
  10. Drink water from a beautiful cup.
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