Water «Artesian-540»

«Artesian-540» – water that is extracted from artesian wells from the depth of 540 meters Cenomanian-Lower Cretaceous aquifer. This field used developed at the end of the last century, and is the fourth deepest reservoir of water occurrence on the planet.

For comparison, the water from this reservoir in the sanatorium “Tokari” Lebedinsky district rises from a depth of 850m, in the Altai region is the depth of the reservoir 9700m. This layer is formed millions of years ago and was, until recently untouched. This water is full of life pre-glacial period in which the dynamic and harmonious seething life was without people.

Production technologies allow extracting water from wells 540 meters without interfering in its structure. The company uses the latest technology and high-quality equipment for bottling water.

Drinking water «Artesian-540» is packaged directly at the production site in the zone of strict sanitary control on the eastern outskirts of the city of Sumy between the villages Vasilivka and Tokari. Product quality is controlled by the state enterprise «Sumy Regional Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification», by Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology A.N Marzeev Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2010 water «Artesian-540» became the winner of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of products quality «100 best goods of Ukraine». Water quality «Artesian-540» was confirmed the quality certificate and the results of sanitary-hygienic examination.

The main feature is that the process does not spill changing the chemical composition and structure of water. The water is ideal for daily use and prepare meals and drinks.

What distinguishes the artesian water?

Artesian spring is deep underground. Water is located between the different types of solid ground formations.

Composition of artesian water remains stable in any season, regardless of climate change, including drop precipitation, decrease or increase temperature

Artesian Well is not prone to the effects of surface contamination (human influence), acid rain, fertilizers, etc. Since the water pump is under multimeters thick clay and water penetrates into the well after filtration thousands of years. Minerals and electrolytes, which are contained in the artesian water, are very useful for the organism. Electrolytes sodium potassium and contribute promote balanced content of minerals in the human body.

Artesian water often contains fluorine, iron, magnesium and calcium. Inherent balanced chemical composition has nothing to do with the softness of the water. It is just as an ordinary hard water can produce precipitate when boiled.

In order to reduce to the desired proportions of hardness salts (magnesium and potassium), the ion exchange resin used filtering method.

The required amount of water, you drink per day allows in complex to get rid of excess weight.

Doctors believe artesian water clean and healthy after a certain treatment, which is much easier and faster to clean, which runs the tap water, artesian water is the best on all counts – tasty and good for health.

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